2. Contemporary Aesthetic Blending with Traditional Layers: Thornbury House

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  3. Malaysian Bungalow Turned into a Modern Residence: the Voila House

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  4. exterior lighting

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  6. iliketupac:

    "The reason why I could get into acting was because it takes nothing to get out of who I am and go into somebody else."
    - Tupac


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  7. Peace and love #2014. This is your one life. Live it. Do not hesitate. GO.DO.BE. (at Telluride Main Street)

  8. Incredible new tool from Vulume, organize and manage your design and construction projects on the web


    Vulume, a new project collaboration, sharing and discovery tool has just launched.  Learn more about what it can do to help you Inspire your Built Environment.

  9. Sky Art #colorado

  10. #tbt missing my bunnies on the playa. #takemeback

  11. From Playa Home to Home Home. God I miss #colorado

  12. Back from the moon… Until next year playa sunrise #burningman

  13. )’( Gift from the Gods… That time again #blessed #ZaZen

  14. Onward

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  15. Sunday drives w Elon. Gas is the past. (at Tesla Motors)